Electricloud Recordings a small group of probably insane individuals hell-bent on bringing art to the world through the partly-forgotten / partly overdone / definitely/maybe/likely not sustainable medium of a record label.

We don’t just pump out the jams though (I mean, the jams, they do pump, here, at times). Instead, we like to find and release interesting content from artists who are doing things a little differently. Take, for example, GAMEGIRL86, who makes chiptunes ranging in style from catchy and fun to almost symphonic, or Blitzkrieg Men’s Choir, who destroy physical and social boundaries with their intense, emotional arrangements. From there, move to Iranian/British experimental dance producer Several Mice, the mixture of alien autopsy and kittens that is rapper Mr. Fuzzles, or the absolute energy from Japanese hip hop trio Takeshi O.

Electricloud Recordings aren’t here to keep pumping the internet full of the same, forgettable drivel as some of those other bastards! We’re here to bring some hopefully pretty fucking unique sounds to your life! Go! Listen. Enjoy.